Launching a WordPress website is not enough if it becomes a potential gateway for hackers and bots to gain access to users confidential and personal information.

A quick and ready to launch website with the minimal efforts is one of the most important requirements of Small and Medium Business Owners. Thanks to the community and marketplace built around WordPress, it is now possible to realise this.

Since a WordPress installation package itself is not enough, various themes, plugins available on the WordPress Marketplace help website builders to use the said tools and create a WordPress website and configure the necessary functionalities. While WordPress as a platform wins thanks to its ease, speed and functionalities, there are glaring security concerns that often get overlooked.

WordPress Installation Package is essentially a codebase that becomes the backbone of the website. While WordPress Themes give it a front-end interface that visitors of the website can interact with, WordPress Plugins are code snippets and additions that give enhanced capabilities to the WordPress backbone. With these three coming together, a WordPress website becomes functional.

While WordPress Installation Package is open-sourced and is supported by developers, designers and organisations alike from around the world, WordPress via its license also allows individuals and businesses to create their own versions for commercial purposes. In this entire ecosystem, one thing that becomes of paramount importance is Security.

While the entire WordPress Community works towards maintaining a certain security standard, there are multiple vulnerabilities that still go unchecked and others that arise out of a WordPress Package Installation as well as installation of WordPress Plugins and WordPress Themes. All these together add to possible security threats, which should not be overlooked.

WordPress versions are often released one after the other with security updates, plugging in vulnerabilities, as do WordPress Theme and Plugin creators. However, multiple security vulnerabilities still remain and need immediate attention. In most cases, Business Owners do not even know that there are security vulnerabilities that need to be fixed. This keeps their WordPress websites exposed to potential threats of various kinds. While Business Owners may not have the necessary knowledge or interest to understand the nitty-gritty of security concerns, it still becomes important for them to know of an existing threat.

It is with this very purpose that we built WP-Scan as a DIY tool to empower Small and Medium Business Owners to stay updated about their WordPress website’s security status. For us, this is a small but important step towards making the world wide web safe and secure.

If you own a WordPress website, you can easily perform a Security Scan to see if it is secured.